January 2003

Arriving at Bangkok, Thailand I fitted some new tires and other parts on Pam and headed north to the rural areas of Thailand. Visiting Long-neck and Big-ear tribes I enjoyed good roads, civilized traffic and clean hotel-rooms. After one full circle I entered Laos and was surprised by the difference in development and the lack of food and places to sleep. Vietnam told me to turn my bike around and leave the way I came, so I just headed south towards Cambodia. Traveling the 'road less traveled' I reached Phnom Pen and the killing fields from where I steered towards Angkor, the ancient town of the Khmer. All to soon I was back in Thailand and turned south for Malaysia where I climbed the highest building in the world and found a banana-boat to Sumatra. From the Orangutans in the north, Berestagi and Danau Toba in the middle I reached the ferry to Java where I visited Bogor, Borobodur, Pranbanam, Yogyakarta and volcano Bromo before ferrying to Bali. From this 'island of the gods' to the islands Lombok, Sumbawa and Flores from where I visited Rinca and Komodo before hopping over to Timor. At first I tried to find a boat from Timor to Darwin Australia, but it seemed to be the wrong time of year for sailing-boats in that direction, so I crossed the border into the newest country in the world: Timor Este from where it was easy, though scary, to reach Darwin.