December 2004

After the eight meter waves of the Caribbean sea it was good to be on solid ground, even if it was muddy. Crossing Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Honduras into Guatemala, the land of volcanoes and Maya temples in the jungle. Then Mexico, a wild mountainous country with ancient Aztek archeology. To early for entering the USA, I suffered snowstorms and flashfloods,  tried to warm up in a overcrowded death-valley and explored the illusions of Las Vegas and Los Angeles. It got warmer in the direction of San Francisco so I circled back to the valley of the gods and the grand Canyon. Via Utah and Idaho into Oregon and the shelter of my friends Eric and Gail where I hid for almost a month before crossing the Rockies and heading north to Canada. Slowly and coldly towards Alaska and the North Pole. Due to the impossibility of shipping out of Fairbanks, Alaska I had to retrace my tire-tracks to Vancouver, Canada.