nl Johan
02/11/2018 05:10

Great site. What an adventure.

nl Ad Honders
27/12/2015 15:58

Hoi Maarten,

Ik ben zelf al jarenlang vervent AT rijder. Zit nu met veel plezier jouw reisverhalen/boek te lezen. Geeft me weer een hele berg inspiratie (en onrust)



cn Roger Chan
29/07/2015 09:29

What an awesome web site! joyful

gb Bill Rice
24/06/2015 23:02

Excellent photo's. What a great trip.

us Linda
19/03/2015 02:13

I cannot wait to start reading about your adventures. I have started a journal for my children and grandchildren. Just about rides I take and the people I meet. My 8yr old granddaughter has been riding with myself and her dad my son since before she could walk. She loves riding on grandmas motorcycle the most though. You give me hope. I am 50yrs old. Thank you for sharing your stories. You are one brave man. With Love from Powderly Texas

in Antony Philip
16/03/2015 22:21

Great friend, you are awesome! Best wishes from India.

us Michael Fagan
22/09/2014 07:10

Love the photos! Leaving San Diego for patagonia next month! Hope I have 1/2 as much fun as it appears you did!

us Raela
08/08/2014 21:46

Extremely jealous of you my friend cool

23/08/2013 12:09

great site cool

za Hennie Niemand
11/08/2013 12:59

Awesome to read about your trip. If you ever come to Africa make sure you end up in Cape Town and look me up.

nl Jan Rinzema
22/06/2013 06:07

Super site, liked it a lot. You did what I dream of! Who knows ...

in joywin
11/06/2013 20:05

fantastic journey. you just lived my dream

ve Thorosco
29/05/2013 02:19

a story that inspired me to make the dream of traveling the world
grin grin
cool cool

nz Ian Rhodes
13/05/2013 22:51

Inspired to finally get out and do it myself.
Amazing effort.
Well done

de verlag kastanienhof
11/02/2013 12:23

hi maarten,
please read your Email... we want to send you an credit for your booksellings..

It is on its way.
gb Josh
22/12/2012 18:00

You make Charlie and Ewan's trip seem like one to the corner shop wow ! Brilliant website, I'm thinking of buying the book :D cool

Seeing that this trip happened 8 or 9 years ago, do you have an update for us on any journeys in the future? How is Bolivia?

Hi Josh,
Bolivia is great and because I run a Motorcycle Tour Company , I get to ride a lot here. ( http://www.bma-tours.com )
Maybe one day I'll go to Africa, but only if I an ride completely across
my pakdin
15/12/2012 14:33

to know more detail of your experianced i intent to buy your book.i hope more photos in the book.

Q-how many days u spent in Malaysia. how did u find malaysian.

No. The website contains much more photos than the book. But the book has great stories.

I spend about 1 month in Malaysia and enjoyed it a lot. Friendly people, interesting country. Only... those rainstorms....
ye Magd Farid
26/11/2012 02:57

I have never enjoyed viewing a website the way I have enjoyed this one wow

What an astonishing experience!!!

I am planning to do my own tour, I'm still in the research phase though, and I can't wait to have a glimpse of what you have seen and encountered sad

Brilliant! Nothing but respect for you.

th Filippo
03/11/2012 17:44

Very nice site!!!! :P Cheers.

gb Richard Steven
24/09/2012 04:31

Fantastic trip of a lifetime, I am looking at doing a similar trip but for less time, great photos and what an experience. cool