I was born in the Netherlands and until I started my journey around the world I had never really traveled. I had seen Europe, or at least a very large chunk of it, but mostly in a vacation sort of way.


One of my biggest passions is rock climbing.

I used to spend three to four nights a week in the climbing-gym, mostly depending on the condition of my fingers. In weekends we used to go to the Belgium Ardennes or France for some serious relaxation.


Unfortunately sitting on a motorbike for three years is not to good for your physical state. Right now I would not be able to climb a steep ladder.


For some reason I have always enjoyed the more 'different' sort of sports like motocross, scuba diving, canyoning, rafting, climbing, jeep-trial and pistol-shooting. Weird enough I also enjoy being artistic and creative and I don't like beer, bars or 'parties'. 


Maartens Background