Paul Roodenburg


the Netherlands

Paul was the link to civilization. When ever I needed parts or papers or anything, Paul took care of it. He is also the original creator of ''

Petra Woerdman


the Netherlands

Petra took care of my financial affairs and solved problems concerning the rent of my house (You won't believe what scum is renting houses). In the end she arranged to sell it for me.

Cindy Josso

RABO bank Almere

the Neterlands

Every time I have a problem concerning banking, Cindy arranges it all without hesitation and without delay. Without her I would have lots of nightmares.

Dynamic Motors
259/1-2 Visuttikasat Rd.
Pranakorn - Bangkok (Thailand)

Yut made a support bracket for the windscreen after it started to
tear. He is also one of the best mechanics I have ever met and he took
me and Tip and two other travelers out to diner, spending just about
all the money he earned working on Pam.


The Postmaster of Kupang

Kupang, Timor


When my 'carnet de passage' got stuck on a boat, the postmaster of Kupang arranged to have it taken off the boat, flown to Timor and trucked to the post office in less then 12 hours.

Norm Fiegert
"Suntop" station


NSW Australia

Norm made the cockpit-bracket, which had broken two times already,
bomb-proof. It has not broken since. He also hosted me for several days while I worked on Pam.


Gus French
"Mount Hogan" station
QLD Australia

Gus paid for my new fuel-pump. He gave me a blanc-cheque and told me to fill in the amount in the shop. How is that for trust.



The people of Honda Alpina
Avenida Rotariana 400
Teresopolis Brazil

I asked them for a wrench to adjust the steering-head bearing. Instead they
did the adjusting, changed the oil and gave Pam a wash. All for free.


Oscar Knecht, Viedma, Argentina
Cristian lang, Viedma, Argentina
Hector Prendes, Viedma, Argentina

When I needed a new set of panniers, Oscar Knecht arranged everything. His neighbor Cristian Lang welded the rack and a friend from a friend, Hector Prendes folded the aluminum sheets into panniers.

Jason Grotte
San Fransisco


My stove got stolen and my tent got crushed by a tree. Jason bought a new tent and stove and mailed it to Guatemala.

Later I stayed in his house for a few weeks to 'chill out'.

Franz Kolb


Franz helped me to improve the pannier-attachment system and when I
left after enjoying his hospitality for a few days he gave me 50 euro and a bottle of his home-brewed jenever

Javier and Sandra

Dakar Motos
Buenos Aires


Javier and his wife Sandra gave Pam contact-lenses. Acrylic
protection for the head-lights.
Javier also did a lot of work on Pam and charged less then half price. He is a very good mechanic.

Eric and Gail Haws

La Duke road


Oregon, USA

Eric organized a bike-meeting to welcome me. After that he kept me hostage for over a month in their house. Even when Eric and Gail left for a short vacation, they left me in their house.


Michelle Prins

California, USA


At a fuel station Michelle approached me and offered a hot shower, a meal and a warm bed. I just came out of Yosemite valley where it snowed, so I was very happy to meet her.

Diane and Roger


Colorado, USA

An other fuel station and Diane invited me into her house. Her husband Roger would have liked me to stay for two weeks, but my visa did not allow for that.

Pete and Carol



Pete and Carol had visited me in Holland just before I left. Now I visited them. Pete had arranged a drive chain and tires for me.



Boa Vista



My drive chain broke in the middle of the Amazon-jungle. Heron towed me with his car for hours until we reached a safe place to leave Pam. Then he took me to his home in Boa Vista, helped me find parts to fix Pam and send me on my way back.

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