Many people have helped me during my three year journey around the world.


The Kurdish freedom fighters in Iran who gave me a place to stay and all the cucumbers I could eat.  The 'bandits' in Pakistan who rescued me from the desert.  The tobacco factory in India which gave me and Pam a place to sleep including diner and breakfast.  The Turkish street vendors who did not want my money.  The Argentinean guy who paid for my diner and hotel when I had no local currency. Venezuelan Heron who towed me with his car for hours in the Amazon-jungle. Michelle who offered me a meal, a bed and a warm shower when I was freezing in the USA.  All the people who drove in front of me to show the way or opened their house for me to eat, sleep or take a shower.  Customs personnel that went out of their way to be of service and many many more.


It is impossible to mention everybody, but a few of them need to be here in the 'hall of fame'